Tado Smart Thermostat First Impressions

So finally my Tado smart thermostat and radiator thermostat have arrived.  I ordered these back in November 2016 and well the wait has been a long one.  It seems that since i placed my order, Tado couldn’t fulfill their production/delivery quota and everything slipped back in regards production and delivery which has been frustrating to say the least.

I was tempted to cancel my order and go with another product such as Nest or Hive however they always seemed to be quite expensive in comparison to the Tado units and i wasnt sure if they would fit our lifestyle, with shift working the house can sometimes be empty during the day and other times be occupied.  Also Nest and Hive seems to get a bad rap for some reason?

I almost nearly purchased direct from Amazon during Black Friday however Amazon only sell the v2 thermostats (at time of writing) which are not HomeKit enabled and as we are an iOS house having that would be a useful addition.

Ive never had or used a smart thermostat before. I stumbled across Tado from a Reddit post, people seemed to be praising them and from their site the setup and configuration seemed minimal.   The zonal configuration that you can do sounds great, it would ensure our daughters room is always warm regardless of the location of the main thermostat.  Tado uses the iOS app to track GPS of the users to ensure the heating turns on before we get home.  Another great option is that Tado offer a rental of the devices, as a tenant of a rental property this works for us as if we leave we can just give the thermostats back however we still have an option to pay if we want to keep them.

The only other product which i would have considered was an Ecobee3 with additional temperature sensors however i struggled to find them in the UK (at time of writing).

Tado Smart Thermostat

Anyway, enough of the why i went with this and down to the first impressions.

First off, the packing and layout was very good.  Actually opening this felt like opening an Apple product, everything was in its right place, clearly labelled and looks like some excellent precision German engineering.

Tado Box Covers

Included inside the box:

  • Tado Thermostat
  • Tado Internet Bridge
  • Mini USB Cable
  • USB to Power Supply with country adapters
  • Screws, fitting kit and cable stickers

Tado Smart Thermostat

The Tado thermostat feels great quality, comes part easily enough to access the back plate.  I think it will blend nicely into the room decor without looking out of place.

Tado Smart Thermostat Rear

My only gripe with the items included are the USB cable and Ethernet cable are both quite short, the idea is you use a spare USB port on your router to power the Tado bridge.  The USB on the back of my router is already powering a Raspberry Pi so i had to make use of the USB power supply however the supplied cable was too short to reach the extension lead.

So i had to use a longer one, no biggie but longer cables would have been nice.   Same goes for the Ethernet cable. at 10cm it made it quite awkward to get plugged in and connected with everything else going on behind my router (i suspect you can use any RJ45 Cat5e/6 cable but i wanted to use the provided kit where i could).

Tado Internet Bridge

At the moment i believe this is the V2 bridge, looking at their website the bridge listed on their site looks different to this one.  From my understanding the HomeKit integration is still being certified however Tado hope to get the V3 bridges shipped by Q2 2017.  I was informed by Tado customer support that i would receive a new bridge and a software update to enable the HomeKit integration.

Tado Radiator Thermostat

As with the thermostat the quality of the radiator thermostat also feels excellent, this should retro fit onto the existing TRV we have on the radiator where this will be fitted.  The top part of the valve turns like a regular TRV and has a nice tactile feedback click to it when you turn it.   Included with this are some additional fitting valves but that is all.

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat

Overall Thoughts

So far i’m am impressed with the quality of the devices, i have connected the bridge to my router and started the process of registering the devices on the mytado website.  I will be installing them this weekend and will do my best to capture some photos along the way with a new blog post covering the setup and installation.

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