Kodi Library and Genesis Integration

Here is a quick guide on how to add TV Shows from the Genesis add on into the Kodi library.

This guide assumes you have Kodi installed  (I am using OpenElec so this guide refers to locations within Linux) and you have enabled the Genesis add on.

First thing we need to do is open the Genesis addon and browse to the TV Shows section.  Find a TV show from one of the sections and with it highlighted open the context menu, then select Add to Library.  This will create a folder within the addon, we will use this folder as a media source for the Kodi library.

Exit out back to the home screen and go to

Settings > Appearance > File Lists

Enable Show Hidden Files and Directories, return to the home screen and then go to

Videos > Files > Add Videos…

Browse to the following location:

home folder > .kodi > userdata > addon_data > plugin.video.genesis > TV shows

With the top level selected click ok to select the TV Shows directory, give the source a name or just accept the default “TV Shows” name.

Set the source content as TV Shows and allow the media source to be updated.  The TV show you added to the Genesis library will now appear in your Kodi library, you can then watch the episodes show without having to browse or search inside the Genesis add on, also any new episodes will automatically appear in your library when you run a library update.

To add more TV shows to the Kodi library go back to the Genesis add on and repeat the above steps however this time you do not need to add another source because you have already done that. Instead the additional shows you added to the Genesis library will automatically appear in the Kodi library after a library update.

You can also do this with Movies, just repeat the above steps but create another source and point it towards the movies folder within the plugin.video.genesis folder.